The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what is wrong with your computer causes you to wonder whether or not to fix it or upgrade to a new system. Luckily for you GEEKA1 is here to help! 


No more worrying what is wrong with your computer , why? Well because we will tell you for free! Our computer diagnostic team will help you understand what the problem is and how we can help you fix it.


There's a handful of things that can cause your computer to crash stop working. At times it can be physical problems , for example a certain part may be damaged or broken. Every so often it can be a logical problem due to your operating system becoming damaged or corrupt. And occasionally we have the disturbance caused by viruses and malware. These problems may seem time consuming for you and we understand your frustration , that's why we are here to help! 


  • We inspect for any physical damage such as Broken Ports , Drives and Connectors.
  • We classify your operation to make sure everything is in it's proper place.
  • We analyze each system until we can find you a solution.

So don't forget to get in contact with us today @ 1(888) 343-3521